Journal of Political Theory & Philosophy

  • Interview

    Interview with Steven Pinker

    In your book, Enlightenment Now, you have argued against the commonly accepted views on inequality – most importantly against the Gini coefficient, arguing that it is not the same as poverty or unfairness and that it isn’t a fundamental dimension of human flourishing. But one of the major problems of inequality has been its effect on how power structures within a society work – how the power to effect change or make decisions is shared [...]
In the Spotlight

How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

– Michele Moody-Adams Looking more closely at the invective from the American examples above, there isn’t anything especially artful or inventive about disrupting a Presidential speech by yelling out “you lie” because one disagrees with its content. Moreover coming on the floor of Congress, such expression sends a message that [...]

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  • Political Philosophy
    – Bart Schultz The original 1892 version of the American Pledge of Allegiance, which appeared in the family magazine The Youth’s Companion, read simply “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which [...]
  • Moral Philosophy
    – Syed Sayeed In all ages, everywhere, there have been brave souls with exemplary courage of conviction who stood for truth and were willing to make great sacrifices for that truth. The truths they were anxious to uphold and express were sometimes to do with the life of the community or the individual, or sometimes about the universe or some abstract matter, but inasmuch as they stood for not just the truths they believed in [...]
  • A Case of the Deadlock of Political Correctness

    A Case of the Deadlock of Political Correctness

    - Slavoj Žižek On a US campus, an incident took place recently: a group of young Latino workers were restoring the façade of a house on a plateau that overlooked a nearby swimming pool where a group of young women were sunbathing in bikinis, and the workers started to throw at them flirtatious comments (what in Latin America they call piropo). Predictably, the girls felt harassed and complained, and the solution [...]