• Politics

    Intellectual Vocation & Political Struggle in the Trump Moment

    -Cornel West I have no monopoly on the truth you can see and I have no monopoly on beauty either, but I am involved in a quest for truth and goodness and justice and as a Christian based on that rich prophetic legacy of Jerusalem, love of the holy. So I want to begin on a very personal note, a very existential note before we get into talking about vocation and struggle, my dear brother [...]
  • Political Philosophy
    –Joanna Burch-Brown Social philosophers working in the black freedom traditions, such as W.E.B. Du Bois, Stuart Hall and Sally Haslanger, have long held that if we are to bring about a more just society, we must transform culture. Specifically, we must transform problematic ideologies, which [...]
  • Moral Philosophy
    -Brad Hooker By the phrase “basic moral theory”, I mean a set of propositions providing ultimate grounds for moral requirements, moral prohibitions, moral permissions, and moral virtues, as well as for supererogation, i.e., what is above and beyond the call [...]
  • Instead of Post-Truth: Man-Made Truthlikeness Bearers

    Instead of Post-Truth: Man-Made Truthlikeness Bearers

    -Ingvar Johansson Politics, many political commentators and political scientists are claiming has entered a new era: post-truth politics. Where such politics reigns, the question whether in political discussions, seemingly factual assertions, explanations and narratives are true or false is no longer regarded as interesting. [...]